DENIC (the registry of .DE and the top-level domain name extension of Germany) has just recently announced that it has cracked the mark of 17 million domain names registered.

The skyline of Frankfurt at sunset, where DENIC is based

As one of the most successful ccTLD’s (country-code top-level domain name), the press release of DENIC is providing some additional interesting statistics. Such as that there are now 30k new registrations on average every month and that DENIC has over 300 members (mostly domain name registrars) to register domain names on behalf of their customers.

The way DENIC operates is also quite unique in the domain name world. Since its founding…

After working for over twenty years in the Internet industry and specifically the domain name industry for over seven years I’m amazed that registering domain names right is still a major obstacle for many existing brands (small or large) as well as emerging companies.

To give you some examples and some guidelines:

  • When a friend of mine started a new restaurant in Taiwan he only registered the .COM.TW domain name (assuming that’s the one for companies) but not the one ending with just .TW ! Many Internet domain names have second level extensions (such as .COM.SG, COM.TW and CO.UK). But…

O-Bank! Originally established as Industrial Bank of Taiwan in 1999, was restructured into O-Bank at the beginning of 2017 to enter the retail banking market. Instead of copying the old fashioned model where tons of paperwork is required to open an account and for many operations, O-Bank decided to provide completely digital services.

So its no surprise that the location of the bank is inside the Neihu Technology Park and is also pushing for reforms to digitize Taiwan’s banking sector. …

Taiwan has made plans to be a bilingual nation by 2020 but few of the taxi apps supports English as of yet. Uber may disappear in Taiwan again. This article gives you an idea of taxi apps in Taiwan.

Living since a long time in Taipei I know how to make use of its great MRT subway system, but I often need to rely on taxis to get from the A to B due to time constraints or areas which aren’t well covered or remote. …

Thomas K

Managing the APAC region at registrar from Taipei, Taiwan

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